Irene Holmes

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I am an author of three published books for children, teen to adult for two short stories, and one short novel. I write to help inspire others to have a fun time reading, while learning at any adventure. Life is one big adventure. I have a BA degree in Creative Arts; Creative Writing, English; specialize in screenwriting. With SNHU in Jan 2019. I have written two adventure scripts at SNHU. My first script "The Mountain man and his Women's Physic Vision Feelings" Won two awards in Spring and Fall of 2017 with the International Film Festival, One award in May 2018. I got a reader film trailer in March 2018 with the sci-fi - Fantasy Film Festival. My second script "Mom's Christmas Surprise" just got accepted in one of the film festivals for 2019. I am a multi-genre writer -author-screenwriter. I write fiction short stories, short novels, short scripts, full feature scripts, poems, songs, and memos. I am interested in writing up TV scripts and a movie script for all my books. I started writing the script for my Ghost Town book in 2018. I offer writing services to help other writers, authors and more help with their writing projects. I do Ghost writing, script writing, content writing, review, researching, editing and more. Learn more about me @
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