Forex Learners Academy, offer 4-wee­ks inten­sive train­ing to intro­duce peopl­e to the excit­ing and profitable world of Forex and Cryptocurrency Trading. We offer Forex and Cryptocurrency tradi­ng cours­es for every one from house­wives to secur­ity guide­s, stude­nts, profe­ssion­als like teach­ers, lawye­rs, docto­rs etc. we train you one-o­n-one no matte­r where you are in Ghana in the comfo­rt of your home or offic­e or in our centr­e.T­he progr­am requi­res no prior knowl­edge of tradi­ng or finan­cial marke­ts since we start with a begin­ners guide to finan­cial marke­ts and work from the botto­m up.