We have 2 bands that offer music with a difference to suit any occasion or event.


The Accra String Ensemble has been performing for 8 years with all musicians also playing for the National Symphony Orchestra of Ghana.

They provide “music with a difference” and have performed for the current President, past Presidents, many Ambassadors, corporate events, conferences are especially popular for weddings where they can play at both the church or/and the reception after. Included are: violin, viola, cello and keyboard/piano.

If you are planning a wedding, a reception, a product launch, opening or closing ceremonies for an event…the Accra String Ensemble is your choice.

From classical to popular they have an extensive repertoire to appeal to all ages.

Their fees are GH¢2,750 for an event up to 4 hours in Accra. There will be added costs for events held outside the Accra municipality.


This is an exceptional band that offers a range of music for dancing and listening. From Afro Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Reggae…they will keep any event moving with music that will get you moving!

The band has just released its second album and are becoming a popular group for clubs and private events.

The band can be hired for GHS3,000 if the event is in Accra and a negotiated price if outside.

The name ‘251’ was suggested by Seth Kwasi Klutse of  Big Shot Band. 251 is a chordal movement or musical notes. 2 stands for chord II, 5 stands for chord V and 1 stands for chord I. In terms of note, 2 stands for ray, 5 stands for soh and 1 stands for doh. The idea of the name is closely linked to harmony in music, hence the need to be united in whatever we pursue as human beings. The group comprises of the following musicians:

  • ISAAC MARFO –          1ST TRUMPET
  • LARYEA TORTO             –          TROMBONE
  • FELIX COBLAVIE             –          DOUBLE BASS
  • K. NTUMY(LONG JOHN)                     –          KEYBOARD
  • FRANK KISSI –          DRUM

In addition for major events and launches, we can provide a FULL ORCHESTRA of 30+ musicians making a major impact at the event. Contact us for details.

Contact phone 024-468-7915 is also Whatsapp and your contact is: Russell

E-mail: canghanconsult@yahoo.com