We the above mentioned company is a reputable licensed group of local miners from CAMEROON who wish to inform serious buyers of gold dust,gold bars and bullion,all

types of diamonds from all over the world that we have in stock the following features of AU GOLD and Diamonds for sale under legitimate sales and purchase conditions.

PRODUCT: (AU GOLD DUST,GOLD BAR AND BULLION,DIAMONDS)ORIGIN: CAMEROON QUALITY: 22+ CARAT PURITY: 97.8%PRICE :$30,000OWNERSHIP: PRODUCT IS SOLELY OWNED BY THE GROUP OF LOCAL MINERS.QUANTITY: 500 kilograms or more DELIVERY TERMS: AS AGREED BETWEEN BOTH PARTIES.Interested buyers should not hesitate to send us (LOI) LETTER OF INTENT for us to revert back with our official FCO within the shortest possible time.

Local Miners CIM

EMAIL: localminersgroup@gmail.com

SKYPE: localminers