Enjoy an adventure of your lifetime. I have some adventures book will make your smile and help your children, teens to learn, while having a good time. Does your child or teen need help in reading or any skill? My adventure books will help inspire your child and teen to keep inspiring her or him to keep learning can help them reach their goals in life. Gather your family, children and friends, and help bring joy to everyone. Inspire fun reading creates courage in learning any adventure through your imagination. Adventure books for children, teens to adult in full color picture book. Two short stories, and one short novel. 

Help children, teens and more smile, as you feel like your on a real adventure through reading is just like watching a movie. Life is one Big Adventure! Help your life’s adventure through more entertainment for everyone to enjoy a lifetime to come. “ABC 123 Color Animal Book;” “Journey Through The Forest” is a boy goes on a quest to visit animal facts from a-z, and learns basic alphabet phonics, numbers, colors helps kids comprehension, reading plus more. This book is a series. Check at the second book Journey at the Farm @ irenejane.com for a FREE partial story.

Go on an adventure at the beach and kids learn to share, and learn about safety in the sand and under the sea. “Little Boy’s Adventure at the Beach;” “Treasure Hunt & Magical Ocean Adventure” Book 1. An excellent story for the whole family to enjoy! It will feel like your on a beach vacation without living your house. This book is a series. Watch for future list to the series. At least three books will be in the series.

Go on another adventure with the ” Boy’s Adventure Through the Wild West;” “Ghost Town Adventure.” Experience with the Boy’s Explorers, as they go on a quest to solve ghost mystery of the paranormal with deadly mythical creatures. Lots of problems solving in this novel with treasure hunt, trap doors, tunnels, caves and more. Enter our Ghost Towns if you DARE! It is an excellent experience for children 8 + to teens, to adults. Gather your friends and family for an amazing story of your lifetime. Share with everyone to enjoy.

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